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Here Dead We Lie by Nicola Walker

Thursday 11th October 2018 7:27am

Nicola Walker has written a book on almost all of the World War One casualities listed on the Heathfield War Memorial at Cade Street, the Memorial Plaque at Punnetts Town School and the Memorial Plaque at Ebenezer Strict Baptist Chapel at Broad Oak.


Recorded in red at the bottom of many of the pages, is the account of what is known about the particular brave serviceman and the number of other Commonwealth war deaths occuring on the same day.


The book is available to purchase from Gemini Cards, High Street, Heathfield and costs £9.95 and any profits, after publishing costs, will go to the Royal British Legion.


As part of Heathfield's programme to celebrate and remember the outcome of World War One - 1914 - 1918 a creative programme of stories, poetry, music and video will presented at 4.00 pm on SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER 2018 at All Saints' Church, Old Heathfield, based on and around the book written by Nicola Walker.


The church will be decorated with silhouette images, a flag pole with the reveille and sunset being played by a single bugler, all being overseen by the dramatic Litchgate display which sets the scene for opportunities to remember 100 years following the cessation of war on the 11.11.1918. The programme concludes with the muffled sound of the church bells being rung. Entrance is free, with a collection being taken (following expenses) for the Royal British Legion.