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Heathfield Youth Centre 60th Anniversary Party, 27 July 2018

Tuesday 7th August 2018 9:06am


"Well what can I say; a thoroughly enjoyable evening had by all that attended. I would firstly like to thank the staff team past and present who were there this evening and deeply involved with the planning and preparation of the event beforehand which included Sarah Northwood, Emma Taylor, Simone Wickens, Claire Burgess and of course myself as well as the long standing senior member of staff Beata Drury whose commitment and devotion to young people will never go unnoticed.


We would also like to thank so many other people who were involved in supporting this event from the beginning. To start with, a big thankyou to Mr Raymond Cade and the Heathfield Street Pastors for working hard to help us achieve our aim and raising the much needed funds for the event which were used to buy meat for the barbeque kindly provided by Jones and Billings Butchers in Uckfield, all the necessary beverages and ice for the 'Mocktail' bar and also for items such as the cake and decorations for the building including the celebratory 60 balloons. But also for working tirelessly every week supporting young people out in the community and providing much needed extra support within the centre to young people and to staff continuing to build positive relationships between each and everyone.


Thank you to Councillor Rupert Simmons and Heathfield Parish Council for his backing and support to provide the event and opportunities for young people as well as supporting staff to keep going with providing help and support for the young people in our community. Thank you to Jean Lenihan from Brighter Heathfield who managed to secure a healthy donation from the Co-op which was successfully used to purchase the much needed necessities to compliment the barbeque which was on offer throughout the evening during the event. A thankyou to Trevor Goldsmith who along with the Rotary Club secured additional grant funds to help the event and provide for young people."


"It was a really lovely evening and was attended by a real mixture of people, mainly young people but families including children and those from older generations with a connection to the centre from years gone by. Young people thoroughly enjoyed having the time to relax away from the pressures of school and day to day life and let their hair down. They danced to a playlist of music which was specifically chosen and created by one of the young women present on the evening a Miss Ellyn Wright and who I would also like to say thank you to alongside a Miss Sophie Jenner for their initiative and willingness to get involved and help in any way they could before the event. There was a barbeque which was cooked by very supportive members of the community and enjoyed by all young and old. Young people and children had the opportunity to get involved with playing football in the barn area as well as trying their hand at designing individual graffiti boards in a style of their choice. We had a large display of photos dating right back in time to the present day showing the spirit within the community and the love of working with young people throughout the years.


What is very evident from the beginning and still very much to this day is the benefit in which the youth centre has within the community and the role it plays, maybe not such a huge one but still a very important one. It was very lovely to see some old faces back within the centre enjoying looking around to see what has changed as well as a fresh face in the name of Becky Farrant, one of the local Police Community Support Officers who have been working hard to keep our community safe and help support us as a service to young people. Becky enjoyed socialising with the community and joining in the spirit of the celebration. From comments expressed during the evening and afterwards young people felt comfortable and relaxed and we feel as a staff team that some positive relationships between young people and services there to support them have been built which can only mean good things."


Noosha Robinson

Heathfield Youth Centre