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Heathfield and Waldron First Responder scheme seek Secretary (voluntary)

Friday 18th January 2019 9:05am

Heathfield and Waldron First Responder scheme (charity 1155472)


The Responder scheme is seeking a Secretary to take Minutes and assist with some limited administration. Although unpaid, it is rewarding to have contact with dedicated volunteers and positive feedback from the community. No prior medical knowledge is required. If you are interested please contact chairman Tim Williams (;  01435 812273) or Team leader Theo Parfitt ( More information about the scheme is available on the internet at;


The role of the Secretary is:


1.       To develop and maintain a database of the details of the members of the scheme, including for example: name, address, home telephone number, mobile phone number, date of birth, email address, staff number call sign, SECAmb mobile phone number, car registration, MOT date, car insurance company and policy number.

2.       To record the proceedings of meetings (the Minutes), including

a.      Monthly team meetings 

b.      Quarterly Trustee Meetings

c.      Annual General meeting

3.       To prepare, in conjunction with the Chairman and/or Team Leader, the place, agenda, and venue of each meeting and to circulate by email the agenda in advance of the quarterly Trustee Meetings and AGM, and to circulate the Minutes to the Trustees after the latter two events.

4.       Maintaining, in conjunction with the Team leader and individual Responders, a database of all significant equipment owned by the group, whether in store (if so where) or to whom it is issued.

5.       To assist Phil Williams in maintaining the FReD database, should the need arise.

6.       To know the Regulations impinging on Scheme activities, and the relevant Charity Commission guidance, as can be determined from: