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Wealden Works is based in the Heathfield Youth Centre, High Street, Heathfield and is a rural employment initiative run by The Heathfield Partnership Trust Ltd.  For the latest information on Wealden Works please visit


Limited places are available - you are eligible:

If you are aged between 16-24 and living in Uckfield, Crowborough, Hailsham and Heathfield, as well as the smaller surrounding villages which fall into the Wealden area, you are eligible to apply.

Not working or not in education and prepared to participate 100% to gain skills and support needed to get a job or further education and training then contact one of the team:

Tora Bowdler
Task Force Co-ordinator

07741 271994

Lisa Crozier

Task Force Leader

07437 496651





For the latest news on Wealden Works, please click on the newsletter below.

Videos and Marketing

Wealden Works has been chosen as one of the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme - customers vote by the blue tokens in-store between the 1 July - 31 August 2018.

Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting for Wealden Works:

Heathfield Express, Station Road

Uckfield Express, Browns Lane

Uckfield Superstore

Please help raise money for this very worthwhile project.

Heathfield Works! Changes Lives, March 2017 -

Amitie Studios, in December 2017, made a film about the project and we wanted to share it. Please click on the link to watch, it's only 4 minutes long.

Local band, El Banda Burros,  who only play to raise money for charity, were so impressed by the youngsters following the Achievement Awards evening held in December 2017, that they have decided money they raise during 2018 will go to Wealden Works to support our local youth.  Please go to their website for more information and to see where and when they are playing:



Press release by Heathfield Partnership Trust and Tomorrow’s People, April 2017


“Heathfield Works!”


After five and a half years of glorious success, the collaboration between Tomorrow’s People and The Heathfield Partnership is to cease. The Partnership Trust will re-launch over an expanded area of Wealden as “Wealden Works” on May 1st 2017.


With good fortune we have been able to assemble a brilliant team, many with the experience of Heathfield Works and that model was so effective. Their professional dedication to the individuals in need of support is exemplary and the inspiration behind so many joyful stories.


Tomorrow’s People is wishing the new venture well: “Tomorrow’s People has contributed to the Heathfield Works! programme since 2011 and we are proud that the programme had an 86% success rate. We have managed to achieve our mission of serving the needs of those not in Education, Employment or Training and we hope that the Heathfeld Partnership will be able to continue the good work we have started together.” said Tomorrow’s People Chief Executive, Martin Brookes.

Again support has come for this development from Heathfield & Waldron Parish Council, Wealden District Council and the County Council. We are hoping that other Town Councils in Wealden will also wish to participate.


Chairman of the Heathfield Partnership Trust, Rupert Simmons said: “I am immensely proud of the programme we have been running over these last few years, it has made a significant difference to the life prospects of over 200 young individuals, otherwise struggling to get on their career path. The community has come back to life with families re-adopting discarded children, crime and vandalism levels falling.  Businesses thrived using the scheme as their recruitment centre where all candidates were schooled in employability and work placed discipline. Work placements before commitments gave assurance to all parties.“


He continued:” Miraculously in such a short space of time we have turned things around and will be offering a full service without our graduates (whom we continue to support) even losing a beat. We will be commencing our first new cohort of 10 people from May 1st and please will any person aged 16-24 who is in need of our help, make themselves known by the communication means below. For all businesses who may have openings please do continue to make these available. We have always served young people from wider afield and now seek to make it official.”


Some time ago early in the investment programme by the Partnership Trust, an analysis report was printed entitled “Heathfield at the heart of Business” and now we would suggest “Heathfield at the heart of Wealden” would also ring true.



Heathfield Partnership Trust Limited: 

c/o 73 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex   TN21 8HU

Tel:  01892 610314, e-mail:,,





Update on project, October 2017

The text below has been taken from Cllr Rupert Simmons' 2017 AGM report:

We were going along swimmingly until the beginning of this calendar year. In January I took a call from the new Managing Director of Tomorrow’s People, Martin Brookes. He advised me that his Board were going to pull out of their involvement in the partnership with our organisation in the running of Heathfield Works!  and this would in effect be by the end of March, their financial year.

It transpired that this was no fault of Heathfield Works! but a reality for the financial affairs of the National Trust, “Tomorrow’s People” were now extremely vulnerable and retaining their city services was essential to their survival. Two months’ notice was not very helpful. What stirred my determination was the absolute need for this operation to continue as the production line of young people in need was not diminishing. In February we raised a stakeholder presentation in the Youth centre to present the predicament to all interested parties.   We had a fantastic turnout and not least from representatives of Uckfield, Crowborough and Hailsham.

Lisa Crozier and I made presentations and both of us took questions from the floor. People made cash contributions on the night and the whole occasion was uplifting for all concerned. From that moment on it was exhilarating to find the number of people who had thought about this issue sufficiently to recommend possible grant bodies, who may be interested and or even better make personal introductions. That list is too long but is still ingrained on my brain.

I had set in motion a bid to two national organisations who might consider our set up qualifying for a revenue payment for the graduates we engineered successfully into work or more productive education pathways or apprenticeship futures. Here I was very grateful to the advice and guidance of Caroline McKiddie a senior officer within Children’s Services at the County Council who provided an able ally as I set out to find the support we needed. Collectively the Partnership and Lisa Crozier and Victoria Bowdler, the remaining Team both made bids for capital investment in the future structure. We were also extremely mindful of the many graduates still needing support as they made their independent way and unless we could seek a means of survival they were going be left stranded.

March and April were frantic times for me as I sought the means to continue the operation I had first launched in 2011. It was also the time of the County Council elections and I was supposed to be promoting myself for the Heathfield Seat. During this uncertainty regarding the future of Heathfield Works I was rewarded by 5 experiences on my campaign trail which also included Five Ashes and Mayfield for the first time.  During my campaign I was hugged by four mothers and one Grandmother, each responsible for one of our graduates and the story of how much impact this had on each household was immense. In each case they had the young person they loved back now with self-esteem and purpose in their lives from someone they were previously trying to kick out. I never know where our Cohort live, I occasionally know where they now work due to graduation ceremonies for example and so was surprised by the sudden apparent molestation from strangers. A variation on the kissing babies theme.

Because of the track record of the past 5 years we justified the backing of UK Skills and their contract for revenue was the first strong building foundation. That first contract will run until July 2028. We have now reached agreement to bid in their name for European Social Fund money but with ourselves as named sub-contractor. The revenue commitment was further embellished by £120,000 of capital grants large and small which created the structure on which the Partnership Board were confident of making a start in what turned out to be May this year.

Here I would pay testimony to Lisa and Tora who had no guarantee of employment but who continued to work really hard to find a way forward.  They also had to put up with their previous employer trying to renege on their committed redundancy fees because we were trying to continue with the service. It was then we determined to launch again but with a different trading name, Wealden Works, we even removed the exclamation mark.

Equally vital were things like telephone numbers for connections with previous graduates where texting questions or requests were the norm. Change of numbers would also have caused stress. Trevor Goldsmith continued a remarkably long teasing out of the rights to numbers to ensure continuity.  This from an organisation that had guaranteed a formal 12 months of continual service to all Graduates.  Trevor’s patience was remarkable and successfully achieved. Computers had to be stripped of all information and databases started again. Here we were ably helped by Newmans an ICT company from Crowborough who have gone out of their way to provide expertise in setting up of our computer system and back up data base. They charge us for components but not expertise and this is their contribution to our cause, massively reassuring to our Team. The introductions of Sally Frost and Peter Bailey were invaluable. Overall it was an exasperating period which proved irritating but because of the initiative of the team was not damaging in the long run.