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Heathfield and Waldron First Responders

Call: 01435 812273

Heathfield and Waldron First Responders
East Sussex

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Heathfield and Waldron First Responders

Responding to emergency calls from Five Ashes, Cross-in-Hand, Heathfield, Waldron, Broad Oak and Punnett’s Town.

When you dial 999 you want help fast. Our volunteers are trained by the Ambulance Service to offer a quick local response to medical emergencies. As the First Responders live and work within our local communities they can be on the spot within a few minutes of your making the 999 call. They are able to deliver vital life-saving support while you await arrival of the ambulance.

To provide this service at all hours over a widespread area we need a large team of volunteers. Volunteers do not need any medical or first-aid background as their training will allow them to respond to emergencies confidently and competently, armed with the necessary equipment. Responders will be aged 17 -69 and live or work within 5 miles of Heathfield and have their own car. They will need to be prepared to commit themselves to be "on call" at least 10 hours a month responding to emergencies within their community and to attend monthly meetings and regular refresher courses.

We also need funds to equip the responders (including a defibrillator, the cost of equipment for each responder is £2000). Your help in raising these funds would be much appreciated.

To volunteer or to contribute to our funds, please contact Dr Tim Williams on 01435 812273 or at

Demonstrations of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are also planned so the public can have confidence in dealing with cardiac arrest (‘dropping dead’) and other emergencies whilst awaiting trained help. Manikins and training DVDs can be obtained from the British Heart Foundation ( under its Nation of Lifesavers Call Push Rescue scheme – Call (shout for help), Push (continue chest compressions, 100 per minute) and Rescue with defibrillation (to restore the heart’s pumping action), though someone else should ring 999 (or 112) and get hold of a defibrillator as continuing chest compressions are crucial. Lives have been saved and will be saved.

Anyone interested in the local scheme is welcome to contact the chairman Tim Williams ( or 01435 812273.