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About Farmers Markets

Farmers' Markets have been around for centuries but true Farmers' Markets, that only allow local producers to sell their own produce, have only recently been reborn.


The first Farmers' Markets in the UK started in the autumn of 1997 with successful pilot markets held in Bath. Then in 1998, Bristol, Holmfirth, Lewes and Lostwithiel also held successful Farmers' Markets. By the start of 2000, there were over 200 Farmers' Markets up and running spread right across Britain. A Farmer's Market sells locally produced goods to local people. The concept is obviously not a new one, farmers have bartered and sold goods as far back in history as agriculture itself. At farmers' markets most stall holders must have grown, bred, caught, pickled, brewed, baked or made the goods themselves. The main emphasis is to help local producers and processors to sell their goods direct to the public, near the source of origin thereby creating benefits to producers and the local community. Farmers' markets also place an emphasis on added value, quality and freshness. They often offer entertainment and events. They aim for an atmosphere which is vibrant, upbeat and fun, helping to re-vitalise urban centres and to make shopping a sociable and enjoyable experience. The selection of produce available at a Farmers' Market will clearly vary with location and season. However you are likely to be able to find a delicious selection of vegetables, fruit, fresh meats, eggs, honey, bread and cakes, jams, fruit juices and dairy produce. Unfortunately soaring popularity has spawned a new problem - bogus markets that claim to offer food from local farmers promoting locally-grown produce, but are in truth shops and businesses selling goods from widespread sources. The supermarkets are muscling in on the act, with advertising campaigns featuring photographs of suppliers in an attempt to convince customers that their products are also grown locally on a small scale. Now the Farmers' Markets are fighting back with a series of measures aimed at protecting the original ethos of local growers selling their produce direct to the customer.


Since it was started in 1997 years ago the Heathfield Farmers Market has grown steadily so that today there are regularly around fifteen stalls at the Market in the Heathfield Co-op Car Park, selling: Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Sausages, Bacon, Cheese, Cakes, Bread, Savouries, Honey, Pickles and Chutney, English Wine, Plants and Arts and Crafts. The Market takes place at the Heathfield Co-Op Car Park on the third Saturday of each month from 9:00am to 12:30pm.


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