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Help save Heathfield Works!

Wednesday 15th February 2017 2:43pm

Sadly Tomorrows People, the national Charity and founding Partner, have taken the decision to withdraw from working in the rural areas at the end of this financial year. This means their removal of some funds provided towards the Heathfield Works! project despite the huge ongoing need for this invaluable service to our 16-24 year olds not in education, employment or training in the increased Wealden area.


We are united with the Heathfield Partnership Trust Ltd and determined to try and maintain this wonderful project which not only supports and finds outcomes for over 50 young people in the Wealden area each year but continues to support past participants (who continue to be vulnerable) for years thereafter.


We cannot continue this without ongoing funding and we need to explore every possible means to maintain the project.  We seek to enlist the support and commitment of as many organisations and businesses as is possible to ensure the future for these young people.


There is a huge benefit to the local area from the work that Heathfield Works! (or the possibly renamed Wealden Works!) does and it is hoped that we can obtain enough financial support to continue this valued work. One of those established benefits is the dramatic reduction in crime, predominantly minor felonies.


We seek your help and would like to invite you to a meeting on Tuesday 28 February at 6.15pm in order that we can present both a brief precis of what we do and our plans. The meeting will be held at the Heathfield Youth Centre, High Street, Heathfield, TN21 0UP.


If you wish to attend could you please confirm your attendance to, by no later than Wednesday 22 February 2017.


Lisa, Tora & Carolyn

Heathfield Works!