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Wealden Works achievement ceremony was held on Tuesday 5 December when Roger Daltrey and Jayne Torvill were in attendance, which made for a great night.  The turnout and support from the community was wonderful, as always.  We showed a short film that a local production company, Amitie Studios, had
made about the project and we wanted to share it. Please click on the link to watch, it's only 4 minutes long.

Co-Op Local Community Fund

Through the Co-Op's fund we have raised £6,710.74 for Wealden Works.

Thank you to everyone who nominated Works as their cause.

November 2017

Local band, El Banda Burros,  who only play to raise money for charity, were so impressed by the youngsters following the last Achievement Awards evening, that they have decided from the 1 January 2018 money they raise will go to Wealden Works to support our local youth.  Please go to their website for more information:

January 2018



Employment programme

Limited places are available - you are eligible:

If you are aged between 16-24 and living in Uckfield, Crowborough, Hailsham and Heathfield, as well as the smaller surrounding villages which fall into the Wealden area, you are eligible to apply.

Not working or not in education and prepared to participate 100% to gain skills and support needed to get a job or further education and training then contact one of the team:

Tora Bowdler
Task Force Co-ordinator

07741 271994


Lisa Crozier

Task Force Leader

07437 496651


Press Release 8 May 2017


Heathfield Works! Changes Lives, March 2017 -


Press release by Heathfield Partnership Trust and Tomorrow’s People, April 2017


“Heathfield Works!”


After five and a half years of glorious success, the collaboration between Tomorrow’s People and The Heathfield Partnership is to cease. The Partnership Trust will re-launch over an expanded area of Wealden as “Wealden Works” on May 1st 2017.


With good fortune we have been able to assemble a brilliant team, many with the experience of Heathfield Works and that model was so effective. Their professional dedication to the individuals in need of support is exemplary and the inspiration behind so many joyful stories.


Tomorrow’s People is wishing the new venture well: “Tomorrow’s People has contributed to the Heathfield Works! programme since 2011 and we are proud that the programme had an 86% success rate. We have managed to achieve our mission of serving the needs of those not in Education, Employment or Training and we hope that the Heathfeld Partnership will be able to continue the good work we have started together.” said Tomorrow’s People Chief Executive, Martin Brookes.

Again support has come for this development from Heathfield & Waldron Parish Council, Wealden District Council and the County Council. We are hoping that other Town Councils in Wealden will also wish to participate.


Chairman of the Heathfield Partnership Trust, Rupert Simmons said: “I am immensely proud of the programme we have been running over these last few years, it has made a significant difference to the life prospects of over 200 young individuals, otherwise struggling to get on their career path. The community has come back to life with families re-adopting discarded children, crime and vandalism levels falling.  Businesses thrived using the scheme as their recruitment centre where all candidates were schooled in employability and work placed discipline. Work placements before commitments gave assurance to all parties.“


He continued:” Miraculously in such a short space of time we have turned things around and will be offering a full service without our graduates (whom we continue to support) even losing a beat. We will be commencing our first new cohort of 10 people from May 1st and please will any person aged 16-24 who is in need of our help, make themselves known by the communication means below. For all businesses who may have openings please do continue to make these available. We have always served young people from wider afield and now seek to make it official.”


Some time ago early in the investment programme by the Partnership Trust, an analysis report was printed entitled “Heathfield at the heart of Business” and now we would suggest “Heathfield at the heart of Wealden” would also ring true.



Heathfield Partnership Trust Limited: 

c/o 73 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex   TN21 8HU

Tel:  01892 610314, e-mail:,,







For the latest news on Wealden Works, please click on the newsletter below.

John Young, BBC, Blog

Please click on the link below to see it.

Update on project, October 2016

The text below has been taken from Cllr Rupert Simmon's 2016 AGM report:


In the mid-2000s there was pressure to close the Youth Centre, a pressure that succeeded in many other Sussex towns. I managed to keep it open largely on the grounds of a lack of such facilities in the existing community and also the evidence of too many NEETS (those not in education, employment or training) lying dormant in the town and its surrounds. In conjunction with Beata Drury, the outstanding Youth Centre Manager at that time, we identified 35 young people in such a situation. The statistics had no concept of how wretched this situation had become. That inevitably also led to more minor felonies being experienced as the young had no access to legitimate money for alcohol, smokes or drugs they craved. With good fortune I was the Chairman of the County and had the honour to introduce the soon to be Baroness Stedman-Scott as guest speaker at a prestigious dinner. She was then managing Director of Tomorrow’s People a national employment charity of huge success in urban communities across the larger conurbations of the UK. That evening we discussed the problems we were facing in Heathfield and whether Tomorrow’s People were capable of working with the Heathfield Partnership to come to our aid. For Debbie this was an enticing challenge of entering into the rural scene, one not to be missed. She then set a patron of the charity to examine market towns of the region where this would be ideally launched. That examination concluded that Heathfield with the evidence already in place and the infrastructure provided by the Partnership was ideal and the programme began.


The first move was to employ a dynamic lady, Frances Conway, to come and research the territory and especially the businesses that may or may not be interested. In 2011 Frances and I set about seeking the £57,000 we calculated necessary to fund the first two cohorts without any evidence whatsoever, only a faith that we had researched the model well enough to be convinced it would work. It was a leap of faith for the early donors. Frances and I did many presentations to the potential funders and luckily convinced sufficient to fund the early stages. I should recognize here that Frances is not with us this evening as sadly once again she is unwell. We would all wish her well in her battles to regain her health.


The first two cohorts were magnificent and the evidence built up over the years we started getting attention of both national and local media and District Councilor Bob Bowdler made an inspirational documentary film. From September 2011 this has now produced a sensational history of over 200 young people realizing their aspirations and finding their purpose in life. Each setting an example to the next generation. Crime levels crashed and hence the temptation under budget pressure to remove policing in Heathfield was more easily succumbed to as the statistical evidence had been erased.


Families re-adopted children that they had previously discarded; it created a great deal of warmth throughout the community. The funding was still a formidable challenge as the Partnership sought opportunities wherever they could find them and bids were written on a frequent basis. This helped sustain the national charity’s backbone of funding and all seemed to be going well. The model was exported to a number of market towns throughout the UK not least Hailsham. I was at that time seeking funding from the County Council and this came good at exactly the time of the Hailsham launch. £75,000 was placed in both Heathfield and Hailsham for two consecutive years. Hailsham with far more resource as a town than Heathfield as a Parish was ever able to dream of also helped get them off the mark. All fine until this financial year where an annual contract between Tomorrow’s People and the HSBC Bank fell through with complete surprise as talks were seemingly ongoing at the time. That backbone funding hit us hard and a pragmatic solution was sought.


The two schemes were in effect merged with the best of Hailsham, Carolyn Fogg, joining the retained Heathfield team of Tora Bowdler and under the management of Lisa Crozier. They have done remarkably well in the circumstances and now serve a wider Wealden territory than before. I am immensely proud that when the chips were against us the model has survived and continues to serve the wider community of Heathfield and Waldron Parish with excellent initiative. I would mark my particular appreciation of Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council who have supported this scheme throughout but have within the last year increased its grant when we were most in need.  The relationship with the College has become exemplary and referrals take place naturally. I am so delighted to say that regardless of severe financial pressures the County Council has agreed to pledge another £20,000 this month towards the ongoing scheme. This should give Tomorrow’s People time to find additional resources to keep this invaluable programme going. A meeting was held with our two MPs, Huw Merriman and Nus Ghani, together with Baroness Stedman-Scott from the House of Lords to ascertain which government department was most likely to find funding for a contribution to the rural problem. The Civil Service are still convinced this is exclusively an urban crisis. With good fortune we will make more progress on that front by this time next year. In the meantime there will be another graduation ceremony to be held on the 6th December at Punnett’s Town Village Hall and all are welcome at that now grand occasion.

Background to Heathfield Works!

Helping Young People in Heathfield into Employment, Education and Training


Tomorrow's People is a national employment charity that works with long term unemployed people to help them get and keep a job. Since it was established in 1984, the charity has helped over 440,000 people from disadvantaged communities around the UK on their journey back to work.


Tomorrow's People has been successfully running programmes for disadvantaged young people in inner city areas since 2004, but we have been worried for some time that the difficulties faced by 16-19 year olds in rural areas are even more complex and have been largely ignored by government and policy makers. The issues these young people face are hugely exacerbated by the lack of job opportunities in rural areas and the networks to link them to potential employers for training or work experience. The cost and availability of public transport to reach vital support services is at crisis point for young people without private transport - the nearest JobCentrePlus for young people on one of our programmes is over 15 miles away and the journey costs between £6-8 return!


Young people not in employment, education or training in small communities have nowhere to hide. With no post-school support, they quickly lose their confidence and motivation. They just do not know how to go about getting work and when their peers tell them there are no jobs, they lose hope. With nothing to do and no money to do it with, they feel written off and labeled, often getting involved in petty crime, drug taking and anti-social behaviour.


Heathfield Works!


Heathfield Works! is a life changing 10-week programme developed by Tomorrow's People in conjunction with Heathfield Partnership Trust to transform the prospects of disadvantaged young people in some of the country's most isolated rural communities. The programme prepares young people for employment and encourages the local business community to support them in volunteering activity, work experience placements and ultimately, paid employment. The programme which runs four times a year, is entirely funded by charitable donations.


Heathfield Works! is designed to help the hardest-to-reach young people to overcome the difficulties that they face, and to gain confidence, motivation and skills to turn their lives around.


The village of Heathfield takes seriously the problems faced by its young people. It has a strong community infrastructure and a business network that is fully committed to supporting the project with work experience, job placement, mentoring and in-kind donations. Heathfield Works! is fully integrated into the community, working in partnership with local organisations and building strong partnerships with local businesses, police and fire service, and volunteer groups for activities such as one-to-one mentoring, work tasters, job shadowing, and work experience.


The project has seen great success, with all participants moving on either to college, into full time jobs, work placements or apprenticeships. However, to ensure that their success is long term, the Heathfield Works! team sticks with them and their employer or college offering support and advice.Outcomes to be proud of!

These young people do not benefit from contacts with the business world, the local community and other support networks to help them move forward with their lives. However, the support of Heathfield Works! means they are able to start their journey to active and contributing citizenship.


One of the biggest problems our young people have is not their determination to move forward with their lives, but the barriers they face in accessing the world of work. We are immensely proud of what Heathfield Works! has achieved and we want to take the programme to other isolated towns and villages which have nothing to offer young people who want to live and work in the local community.


Tomorrow's People believes that Heathfield Works! is a winning formula and we have a 5-year vision to open the same Works! model in other rural communities around the country.

Winner of Gothic garden building at Heathfield Show, 28 May 2016

Winner of Gothic garden building at Heathfield Show, 28 May 2016<br>

The winner of the raffle for the Gothic shed generously donated by Newton Frost Fencing is Bob Bowdler, a supporter of Heathfield Works! for the last 6 years. Congratulations Bob and buying those extra tickets to support local charity Heathfield Works! definitely paid off, well done.


The photo shows Sally presenting Bob Bowdler with his prize at the Heathfield Agricultural Show on the 28 May.  A massive thank you to Sally Frost and all the staff of NFF for their generous donation and all their hard work at the fund raising event which raised over £1000 which is much needed to support our local young people move forward with their lives into employment and further education.

Visit by Wealden District Council Chairman, Cllr Barby Dashwood-Morris

Visit by Wealden District Council Chairman, Cllr Barby Dashwood-Morris


The Chair of Wealden District Council – Councillor Barby Dashwood Morris - visits young people on work experience as part of the Tomorrow’s People Heathfield Works! programme.  Click on below for full press release.

Article in The Courier, 18 December 2015

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Visits Project - 18 November 2015

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Visits Project - 18 November 2015

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, visited the project on the 18 November and presented a cheque for £5,000.00 from the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner's Safer in Sussex Community Fund.

Huw Merriman, MP, visits Heathfield Works!, 5 June 2015

Huw Merriman, MP, visits Heathfield Works!, 5 June 2015


Article from The Sun, 18 December 2014

Please find below article on Tim Dinnage taken from The Sun, 18 December, on receiving his award at the Tomorrow's People awards ceremony.

Tomorrow's People 30th Anniversary Awards - November 2014

Tomorrow's People 30th Anniversary Awards - November 2014

Taken from Tomorrow’s People website:

Tomorrow’s People 30th Anniversary Awards for Achievement. It was truly an incredible event and we would like to say congratulations again to all our winners. Their stories inspired everyone in the room and we are sure they will go far.

The evening was a great celebration of the strength of aspiration and ambition displayed by our clients. It was fantastic to see so many of our supporters, employees and clients.

Among the Award Winners were our very own Heathfield Works! past participant and Employer Frogheath Landscapes continue to be a fantastic employer and supporter by offering 5 apprenticeships already to
Heathfield Works! participants.

The Michael Guthrie Outstanding Achiever of the Year Award went to Tim Dinnage (Past Participant of Heathfield Works) and Local Partner of the Year went to Frogheath Landscapes.

Council-backed scheme is ‘Talking ‘Bout My Generation’ - September 2014

Council-backed scheme is ‘Talking ‘Bout My Generation’ - September 2014

East Sussex County Council Press Release, PR 4785, 02 October 2014


A SOCIAL enterprise which provides people with affordable transport has been recognised for its role in a scheme helping young people – at an awards ceremony attended by one of the biggest names in rock.


East Sussex Wheels 2 Work received a certificate for the role it has played in supporting Heathfield Works, a programme run by Eastbourne-based charity Tomorrow’s People and the Heathfield Partnership Trust, which helps young people find work through education and training.


The accolade was given at a ceremony at which Roger Daltrey, frontman of The Who and local ambassador for the project, presented graduation certificates to young people who had completed the scheme.


Wheels 2 Work, which is supported by East Sussex County Council, provides scooters and motorcycles to enable people with little or no access to public transport to commute to work, education or training.


At the ceremony at Heathfield Youth Centre, Wheels 2 Work representatives handed over a scooter to a previous student of the scheme, Theo Cunningham, who has just finished his apprenticeship with local business Printstation.


Cllr Rupert Simmons, East Sussex County Council lead member for economy, said: “In the three years Heathfield Works has been running, it has done a magnificent job in helping more than 120 young people into work and further education.


“I’m delighted that Wheels 2 Work has been able to support a project which has had such a beneficial impact on the lives of people like Theo.


“To have the backing of such a well-known and respected celebrity is the icing on the cake and recognises the tremendous work being carried out by Tomorrow’s People.”


Since the launch of East Sussex Wheels 2 Work in September 2013, the scheme has gone from strength to strength and now has 80 bikes on the road, with demand outstripping the availability of bikes to loan.


The county council has successfully bid for and secured an additional £205,000 from the Department for Transport, Local Sustainable Transport Fund, to expand the scheme during 2015/16.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Grant - June 2014

Heathfield Works! has received a grant of £5,000.00 from the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner's Safer in Sussex Community Fund. For more information please click on the press release below.

Community Cashback Sussex Police

The project was lucky enough to be awarded a grant of 5K from the Community Cashback Sussex Police scheme administered by the Sussex Community Foundation and they have produced a short film on all the projects that were awarded money in December 2013. Please see the link below to the film - our project starts at 15.20 minutes in.

Promotional DVD

We have created a promotional DVD on the first year of the project.

Please click on the following to watch it:

Heathfield Partnership Wins Award - November 2012

The Heathfield Partnership Trust Ltd was given an award in London for their role in the "Heathfield Works!" programme. The prestigious event was the Tomorrow's People national annual awards ceremony held in Canary Wharf at the headquarters of Clifford Chance. The Community Partner nominations came up on screen and the Partnership was one of six nominations. Her Honour Judge Molyneux read out a testimonial on the Heathfield Works! project as they had become the runners up and were presented with a plaque by Baroness Grey-Thompson and Jo Dibb, Headteacher of the Elizabeth Garret Anderson School.


The winners were a Merseyside team who ran employment schemes for prisoners. It was nice to be thanked by their national Charity Partners for their part in this groundbreaking project.



The Heathfield Hundred

To meet the level of local interest ‘THE HEATHFIELD HUNDRED' supporters group was launched to show their appreciation of local support and as a way of highlighting the real community spirit that exists in Heathfield and the local parish.


Please click on the link below for a list of community supporters who have helped with gifts in kind, volunteering, mentoring, 'taster days' work experience and paid employment for the first cohort of Heathfield Works! Thank you to them all.

Cohorts 19 - 21

Cohorts 19 - 21<br>

Photo of graduation ceremony held on 6 December 2016.

Cohort 18

Cohort 18

5 January - 7 March 2016

Cohort 17

Cohort 17

5 October - 11 December 2015

Cohort 16

Cohort 16

6 July - 11 September 2015

Cohort 15

Cohort 15

7 April - 12 June 2015

Cohort 14

Cohort 14

5 January - 13 March 2015

Cohort 13

Cohort 13

6 October - 12 December 2014

Cohort 12

Cohort 12

21 July - 19 September 2014

Cohort 11

Cohort 11

28 April - 4 July 2014

Cohort 10

Cohort 10

13 January - 21 March 2014

Cohort 9

Cohort 9

14 October - 20 December 2013


Photo of graduation ceremony.

Cohort 8

Cohort 8

15 July - 20 September 2013


Photo taken at graduation ceremony when Jayne Torvill and Roger Daltrey attended to present the certificates.

Cohort 7

Cohort 7

15 April - 21 June 2013


Photo of graduation ceremony which Jayne Torvill attended to present certificates.

Cohort 5

Cohort 5

8 October - 14 December 2012


Photo taken at their graduation ceremony.

Cohort 6

Cohort 6

14 January - 22 March 2013

5 are either back in college or starting in September
5 have had work experience1 will do some volunteering 1 has an apprenticeship1 is going to be self-employed but has work lined up


The picture is of Cohort 6 pottery painting at Fireworks, Lewes.

Cohort 4

Cohort 4

16 July - 21 September


Out of 10 people 8 have gone back into full-time education and 2 into full-time employment.

Cohort 3

Cohort 3

16 April - 22 June


Six have gone into full-time education and 3 into paid employment.

Cohort 2

Cohort 2

Graduation ceremony of Second cohort


The graduation ceremony of the second cohort was held on Friday 23 March and was well attended. 8 out of the 10 youths in the cohort have got paid employment and two have gone back into education.

Sussex Express Article - 20 January 2012

Cohort 2


Project to get young lives back on track in Heathfield


Published on Monday 30 January 2012 09:00, Sussex Express Website


HEATHFIELD celebrates a national first this week with the successful completion of one groundbreaking youth project - and the start of the next.


For more of the article please click on the document below.

The Observer Article - 18 December 2011

The Observer Article - 18 December 2011

Cohort 1


Christmas charity appeal 2011: Tomorrow's People turns teenagers' lives around


Please click on the document below to read the full article that appeared in The Observer on the 18 December.


Heathfield Works! is one of eight youth charities nominated as The Guardian/Observer Christmas Appeal Charities 2011.

First Cohort Presentation - 2 December 2011

First Cohort Presentation - 2 December 2011

The first group of participants were presented certificates of achievement by Councillor Rupert Simmons and The Baroness Stedman-Scott on Friday 2 December at the Heathfield Youth Centre. The pilot project is the first in the country to support disadvantaged 16 - 19 year olds into work, training or further education.


The group's achievements were celebrated by their friends and family, employers and local dignitaries. The Baroness, Chief Executive of Tomorrow's People, warmly congratulated the participants and thanked the local community and businesses for their support of the project.


All of the participants are now in employment or further training.

Success of first cohort

Success of first cohort

The first cohort started in September and finished the course at the end of November. They have all found work placements. Please click below for press coverage.


The picture shows the first cohort attending the first Wealden Expo held in Heathfield in October 2011.