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Waldron Neighbourhood Watch

Waldron Neighbourhood Watch
East Sussex

Charles Gallannaugh (Chairman)
Janie Huggins (Secretary) (01435 812917)
Margaret Hughes (Treasurer)
Bobby Hamilton (Co-ordinator) (01435 813965,
0781 2526078 or e-mail:

District Co-ordinators: Mike Wilson, Roy Wilkinson, Sue Hilton, John King, Tim Williams

The principal objective of the organisation is to collaborate with the Police in assuring residents security of their property and of their safety in the village. This is achieved by e-mail messages to residents advising them of threats to their property from intruders or from scams, by periodic newsletters and by an annual meeting addressed by the Police and by Trading Standards.

A secondary objective of the organisation is encouragement of neighbourly concern for the comfort of residents. Fly-tipping, noise at unsociable hours and invasion by foxes give rise to representation to the appropriate authorities. The organisation has worked for the establishment of a Responders Scheme to work in collaboration with the SE Coast Ambulance Service.